June 11th


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Money gathered from the sale of these trax will be donated to political prisoners mentioned in the song. Supplies for anything resembling a decent life in the Prison Industrial Complex do NOT come cheap. If you cannot offer money, please realize the power of writing letters to these incredible people. I have seen humble efforts to become a penpal blossom into deep mutually-rewarding friendships that last many years. And in this world, where cruel dominators maintain their power through our alienation, a real friend is true resistance! Until every cage is empty, until every prison burns, total solidarity!


released June 6, 2017

1. June 11th
2. Strong Hearts Cannot Be Caged (J11 rmx)
Noize & lyrix by Robert I'mhuman, with text adapted from June11.org
Mixed & mastered by Mavis Concave, in Cincinnati
Realicide Youth Records 2017 (CIDE#99) www.realicide.com



Track Name: June 11th
learn the facts about political prisoners
the world they defend that world is also yours
when crime is defined by those who hoard power
the wrong attitude can cost your freedom at any hour
to be an anarchist prisoner means longer sentence time
with more intense security and communication more deprived
not because the crime was greater
not because of a violent nature
consequence much more severe because it stands for what tyrants fear

June 11th annual day of international solidarity with all longterm Anarchist prisoners

an ALF action means no one gets hurt
yet next to many rapists the punishment is worse
and while Earth Liberation means property destruction
our Earth endures irreversible damage
legally dealt by corporations
writing a letter to someone locked up
is one of the best ways to directly support them
it combats the de-humanizing process
designed to break their will in this brutal system

each year June 11th serves as a day for us to remember
our longest imprisoned anarchist peers
through words actions and ongoing support

those of us who resist are damned as "terrorists"
our friends and families' lives asunder
while we're quarantined in distant prisons
not driven by religion or by fame or any gain besides
the need to see all creatures free
the need to know we can survive
the need for more than to try = we fight
for life which capital can never buy
with rage against every lethal lie
fuck the CMU's with courageous bodies made to rot inside
strong hearts cannot be caged
they're not alone, you're not alone
take the address of a warrior and a pen and just write...

to those who risk and sacrifice their own freedom
in defense of the one world we all gotta share
total solidarity
total liberation

Walter Bond, the ALF lone wolf, serving over 12 years in prison for Animal Liberation direct actions. Arsons destroying sheepskin and leather factories, as always no one harmed, strictly property damage.

Oso Blanco, an indigenous real life Robin The Hood, 40 years in US prison for robbing banks unarmed in the late 90's and sending the money to aid Zapatista resistance in Chiapas Mexico.

Jeremy Hammond, a talented young hacker damned to a decade in prison for leaking information about private firm Strategic Forecasting being hired by US corporations and government to spy on human rights activists.

The Cleveland 4, another instance of FBI entrapment by means of informants infiltrating and coercing circles of otherwise intelligent and useful activists. Learn and practice Security Culture, learn from situations like what happened to Eric McDavid, David McKay, and others in the past.

Marius Mason, since 2008 serving 22 years in American prison for Earth Liberation direct actions. Destroying a GMO research office and logging machinery in 1999, during which no one was injured. Marius has remained a vigilant radiance of the anarchist spirit throughout even his years stolen from our community.

Victims of the "Green Scare", a phenomena in which animal rights and environmental activists receive sentencing more harsh than people convicted of actual violent crimes. These activists are often incarcerated in especially restrictive facilities known as Communication Management Units, the same circumstances as prisoners charged with homicidal terrorism, for those leaving Guantanamo Bay, etc. The idea is to make as extreme example as possible of these consequences, to ultimately deter any of us from continuing tactics of economic sabotage in defense of the natural Earth. That's right, save some trees and throw your whole life away. Resistance therefore requires heightened organization, discipline, and determination, recognizing now more than perhaps ever before that this is indeed war against the State and its religion of capital used to endorse what can be described accurately as an eco-holocaust.

June 11th information, including prisoner addresses, https://june11.noblogs.org/
For further resources, look up a chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross in a city near you!